Many people only get their boat bottoms cleaned once a month, but when things heat up in Florida, the barnacles grow at an amazing rate. Many of our customers move to twice a month cleaning when the water warms up. This ensures that the boat is ready for a day out on the water any time of the month.

During the summer months it only takes a couple of weeks for significant growth on the hull. If you like to go out on a regular basis and get the best out of your boat, move to twice a month cleaning as soon as the water starts to get hot.

So, when is a good time to make the move? May. It is a good idea to contact your diver right now and set up the twice a month cleaning schedule. Otherwise, you may find yourself out in the water and your boat really dragging and slow. That will reduce your fun on the water. So, make the call today and move to twice a month cleaning.

The time to double up on bottom cleaning is now!

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