Sacrificial zincs play a vital role in making sure your boat stays above the water, and you do not get saddled with very expensive repairs. They protect the propeller, propeller shaft, and any other exposed metal structures below the surface of the water. Not only that, sacrificial zincs help protect metals from corrosion any time they come into contact with salt water. Outboard motors have them, usually on the lower unit, and diesel engines also have them in the raw water circuit. Zincs to the important job of protecting metals from the corrosive effects of salt water.

Are Your Divers Checking The Zincs?

When you have a diver clean the bottom of your boat each month, one of the things they do, or should be doing, is check the wear on your sacrificial zincs, especially the most important is the one located on the propeller shaft. This is a very important zinc. It protects both the propeller and drive shaft. If those were to be eaten away by electrolysis, then you could end up in some deadly conditions while out at sea.

Corrosion At The Marina

Galvanic corrosion is the process of one metal corroding before another metal when both metals are in electrical contact. Salt water is a very good electrical conductor and when you have your boat in a marina, there is always some electrical conduction going on. There could be faulty wiring at the marina itself, or another boat nearby could have electrical current leaking into the water through improper grounding.

Ensure Your Boat’s Safety

Zincs need to be monitors to ensure your boat safety at the marina. It should be checked are regular intervals to ensure that there is a good amount of zinc there to ‘sacrifice’ for the good of the other metals.

Sacrificial Zincs Essential To Boat Health

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