It is hard to find divers to clean your boat that you can trust. Many of our clients have had bad experiences with other dive services before signing up. This does not mean that other dive services are shady. Sometimes there are personnel problems. One of the crew may be taking short cuts, or things like that.

If you have a diver you can trust, you are in good shape. The only thing you need to worry about is your diver moving or retiring. Otherwise, the bottom of your boat is well taken care of.

Recently one of our clients bought a new boat in Matlacha, Fl. Instead of finding a diver from Cape Coral, or Ft. Myers, he asked that we come down and do the cleaning. This added some expense to the cleaning because it is a little over two hours to drive there. This did not matter to him. He really wanted someone who he could trust. Not just with the cleaning, but also someone who would give him an accurate description of the state of the boat.

We sent Andrew down to clean the boat. The boat was a Hardin 45XL sailboat and had been sitting without moving for a few years. There were clams growing on the waterline, and the cleaning took well over four hours! Fortunately, all the growth came off and both the bottom and running gear were in good shape. No blisters and no corrosion. The boat was in a canal with no other boats in the water, so this most likely helped keep corrosion at bay.

If you need to have a boat cleaned that is not in our normal work area, please give us a call. During the summers it would be just about impossible for us to get away, but during the winters we may have time to do it. No matter where your boat, choose divers you can trust to clean your boat bottom.

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