We have been extremely busy this summer. Many of our clients are doing two cleanings per month and that has kept us cleaning hulls non-stop. In a previous post we talked about the importance of doing boat bottom cleanings twice month over the summer and we are a happy (and busy) that many clients decided to go with a twice a month cleaning program.

If you are active on the water, this cleaning schedule makes a big difference.

This year, you may want to keep an eye on the weather, even if you are out of state. We are in for a more active hurricane season and you never know. It is a good idea to have a plan and someone around to help you with your boat in case of emergency. NOAA has a good website that tracks hurricanes. You can check it out here. Right now, Tropical Cyclone 9 is heading towards the Caribbean Sea and expected to hit Mexico with hurricane strength.

A turn to the north and this storm could be heading into the Gulf of Mexico. You never  know how things will play out with these storms. One thing for sure, is that we are heading into the height of the tropical storm season.  If you check the map on NOAA you will notice that the storms are coming at a an alarming rate off the coast of Africa.

Keep your hull clean and be safe.

Busy Summer Hull Cleaning Schedule

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