We have two seasons here in south Florida: winter and summer. The tropics are different than up north. In the tropics, we only ave two seasons instead of four. Summer is hot and humid, and winter is dry and moderate. As things change above the water, so too do they change below the water. One of the fun parts of diving as a career is seeing the changes under the water as the seasons change.

A few weeks ago, Andrew got stung by a jellyfish while we were in the water cleaning boat hulls. It reminded me of an interesting phenomenon that happens with the seasonal change in the Tampa Bay area. Jellyfish show up two weeks before it starts getting warm and two weeks prior to it getting cold. Did you not just experience jellyfish for 2 weeks and now it’s cold? If you are not in the water as much as we are, maybe you missed it.

This is not the kind of information you get from the Internet. If you read stories about jellyfish on the Internet, they are all about how not to get stung in the shallow water along the beach. This information comes from being in the water six days a week for over 10 years in the Tampa Bay. It is a pattern we see each year.

When you dive as much as we do, then the changes under water are as much a part of our lives as the changes above the water.

Two Weeks Of Jellyfish

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